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We are delivering incredible gaming experience & bringing profits to the players by creating a next-gen Web3 post-apocalyptic metaverse.

Our team is a multinational group of over 60 qualified and bright professionals in multiple industries. Our mission and vision of our strategic growth is global and trailblazing. We are inspired by an ambitious goal to turn GameFi industry to the next level, and deliver outstanding Web3 gaming experience to our community.

Leo Kahn Rectangle 2

Chief Executive Officer

Ex-PayPal Senior Director of Crypto Division


Ash Hodgetts Rectangle 2

Chief Marketing Officer

Ex-Animoca's Phantom Galaxies & GameLoft Marketing Director

Supported by Industry-leading experts


Brunello Pianca


Brunello has been dealing with financial values since 1987. Without repudiating fiat currencies, he welcomes the era of programmable money. Money Manager – for motivation; Serial entrepreneur – by vocation; Cryptocurrency investor and blockchain evangelist – by passion. In his long career he has held various positions: asset manager (HNWI), financial advisor (pension funds and institutional bodies), CFO (corporations), business angel and mentor (startup), board member and shareholder (private companies). BrightNode is one of his initiatives in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, born in collaboration with Francesco Piras. Brunello audited and improved tokenomics and worked on design of in-game economy model.


Francesco Piras


Francesco is an entrepreneur working in the Crypto industry since 2014. Mentor and evaluator in European projects in the DLT field. In 2017 he co-founded in Estonia one of the first token sale consultancy firms. For 5 years he was President of Bitcoin Sardegna, a prominent Italian non-profit association. In 2006 Francesco worked for Google as a Quality Rater. In 2018 he obtained the certification for “Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application” at the MIT Sloan School of Management (USA). Over 20 years of experience in the Tech sector, with C-level positions in Business Development and Marketing & Sales for various software companies. Francesco worked on improving the Undeads tokenomics and in-game economy in connection with Brunello Pianca.


Don Ho


After being introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2016, Don founded, a compliance and consulting firm that assists startup companies in the web3/blockchain industry. Don developed the set of policies and agreements for Undeads to ensure legal compliance of the product.

Over 60 international talents from 8 countries

Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is a Game Development Company. The company has multi-year expertise in game production, including game design, development, monetization, marketing, and analytics. Whimsy Games team specializes on all types of solutions from the traditional 2D and 3D games to the metaverse and NFT ones. Whimsy has been transforming the wildest ideas into engaging games for more than seven years. During this time, the company completed 200+ projects. Whimsy team unites more than 80 seasoned professionals all over the world. They gained their experience and honed their skills building games in both trendy and traditional genres.

Whimsy Games
2 primary teams & over 40 talents behind Undeads


Scand is an industry-leading company with 15+ years of proven experience that helps to develop new software products, web and mobile applications which have the power to shape the future and create opportunities for sustainable growth and success. Currently, more than 150 people at Scand diligently strive to maintain a high quality of work and continue delivering bespoke solutions powered by Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and other rising technologies.